Bloodmasters Changes

This is a list of all changes in the previous versions.

Version 1.2

- 2 new Deathmatch maps.
- 3 new Capture The Flag maps.
- Decreased mirrored damage strength of Avenger powerup.
- Fixed network packet length and id byte endian.
- Mouse also locked inside window when in fullscreen. (for dual monitor)
- Fixed occasional weapon pick up lag.

Version 1.1

- Rewritten the sound code to improve performance.
- Fixed max clients check in server which causes crash on full server.
- Fixed flag detach from player after team change with flag.
- Flag now rotates nicely with player angle when carried by a player.
- Removed erroneous scavenger items in Mayan Temple.
- Fixed invisible (under-the-ground) players.
- Fixed maximum players limit.
- Fixed electric shocks across the map when object teleports.
- Adjusted speed of legs animation.
- Added new MP3 track "Confronting Dreams".
- Added different movement method options.
- Increased flyby damage Ion Cannon.
- Joining game through Game Details now also downloads maps.
- Mouse cursor locked inside window when playing in windowed mode.
- Auto-respawn feature added.
- Added switch to next best weapon when weapon is empty.
- Control options no longer allow the same control on multiple actions.
- Added server version information in game details.
- Added callvote for next map, map change and restart.
- Screenshots are now saved with readable dates and time in filename.
- Added red flashes to health status as alternative to screen flashes.
- Added flag icons in scoreboard that indicate who took your flag.
- Fixed issues with team-colored player names.
- Fixed full-bright red screen flashes on some ATI cards.
- Total game reset (items, scores and players) after countdown.
- Fixed join red/blue menu items where manual team choice is allowed.
- Added overview of weapons and ammo when switching weapons.
- Powerup names now also displayed in status bar when taken.