Bloodmasters Game Manual

Head Up Display (HUD)

1 - This box shows your health. Yes, we have the technology to summarize your health in a single number.

2 - This box shows the amount of armor you're wearing. With more armor you will survive longer as you can withstand attacks a lot better. Keep your armor up!

3 - Selected weapon and amount of ammunition in that weapon.

4 - Current powerup and the time remaining for your special power.

5 - In deathmatch mode this shows your score and the highest score. In Scavenger mode, this shows the number of items found and the total number of items to be found. In other team game modes, this shows each team score in the color of the team.

6 - This is where all messages, including chat, will appear.

7 - This is your mouse cursor, use it to aim at targets.

8 - The character you are controlling.

9 - This laser beam will show you what you are aiming at.