Bloodmasters Game Manual

Playing the game

Moving around

Movement in Bloodmasters is always absolute. This means that when you press your Walk Up key, the character will walk to the north. There is no "Move forward in the pointing direction" key. There is no jumping or slow-walk modes.

Shooting at your opponents

Aim is controlled with your mouse cursor (2). Because Bloodmasters supports different height levels, you must point with your mouse on the floor you want to aim at and the character (1) will automatically adjust its vertical aim to match that floor's height. You can see how it aims by looking at your laser (3). Your character aims at the height of the character's body, so if you miss your target, your fire will continue until it hits a floor or a wall. You can clearly see that in the screenshot above where the laser continues beyond the mouse cursor until it hits the floor at a lower level.

When aiming at your opponents you should always try to aim with your mouse cursor as close as possible onto your opponent. This will make sure your character will adjust its vertical aim correctly as is needed to reach the aimed target. In the example image above you can see a target at a higher platform, but you cannot actually hit the target when you aim at the lower floor that you are on. Observe the example image below and see how aiming correctly at your opponent matters.

Grenades from the grenade launcher are always thrown upwards higher than your aim. This allows grenades to bounce and allows you to shoot over walls. You can shoot grenades over walls by aiming on top of the wall. The grenade will now be thrown up higher and if the wall is not too high and you are close enough to the wall, the grenade will go over the wall. See the example image below.