Bloodmasters Server Manual

Configuring the server

All settings the server needs are in 1 configuration file. The installation manual shows how you can use start the server with a specific configuration file. This manual briefly describes each setting in a configuration file.

Example configuration

	title = "My First Dedicated Server";
	password = "";
	website = "";
	port = 6969;
	gametype = 0;
	maxclients = 6;
	maxplayers = 10;
	scorelimit = 20;
	timelimit = 30;
	joinsmallest = true;
	rconpassword = "";
	public = true;
	logfile = "bmserver.log";


Please download our example configurations pack which has recommended settings for each game mode.


This setting determines the title of your server. It ill be displayed to refer to this server in the launcher. After connecting with a client it is shown at the top of the screen and it shows at the top of the scoreboard.

Set the password setting to anything but an empty string to lock it with a password. In this case clients have to provide the correct password in order to join the server.

With the website field you can indicate the address of the website associated with the game server. This can be accessed from the launcher and is shown at the top of the screen after connecting with a client. When you are hosting new maps on the server that clients do not have, you can set the website to the URL of the .rar archive of the map or an HTML page that contains a direct link to the .rar archive. In this case the launcher will automatically attempt to download the map before joining the game.

This is the UDP port number on which you want to run the server. Keep in mind that only 1 server can run on the same port number. You will have to use different port numbers when running multiple servers on the same machine.

The game type settings determines what type of game will be played.
0 for Deathmatch
1 for Team Deathmatch
2 for Capture The Flag
3 for Scavenger
4 for Team Scavenger

This setting controls the maximum number of clients are allowed to connect to the server. Every connection is a client, this includes players and spectators. 1 is the minimum for this setting, 10 is the maximum for this setting.

The maxplayers settings controls the maxmimum number of players that may join the game. When the maximum number of players has been reached, other clients can only spectate in the game. 1 is the minimum for this setting, 10 is the maximum for this setting.

The score limit is the number of frags or captures the player or the team must make in order to win the game. What counts as a score depends on he game type. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch counts frags as score, while Capture The Flag counts flag captures as score. Scavanger and Team Scavenger count the number of collected items as score.

With the time limit you can set a maximum time for a game in minutes. The game will end after this amount of time regardless if the score limit has been reached.

This settings can be either true or false. When it is set to true, it will disable the join blue team and join red team options for the clients and only allows the client to join game. The server will then force the clients on the smallest team, or the team with the smallest score.

With the rconpassword you can enable RCON. When no password is given, RCON is disabled. See the remote control manual for more information on how to use RCON.

When this is set to true, the server will contact the masterserver using HTTP. This will show the server in everyone's launcher. When set the false, this server will be kept 'secret'.

Name of a file in which you want the server to log all messages. This must be unique for each server running on the same machine.

The maps setting is a structure which must contain one or more items. The server will cycle through all map names in this list. Note that the items in this list are the short map names only and without any file extensions.

Special characters

If you need to use special characters like a quote in the string settings (title, password, website, etc) you can use the \ escape character (C-style). To insert a quote " use \".

Example: title = "This is my \"new\" server";

Color codes are also allowed in the server name, however, the launcher does not show the server names with colors.