Bloodmasters Game Manual

Items, Weapons and Powerups

Health and Armor

This is a small health pack. Pick this up to increase your health by 5% up to a maximum of 100% health.
This is a medium health pack. Pick this up to increase your health by 25% up to a maximum of 100% health.
This is a large health pack. Pick this up to increase your health by 100% up to a maximum of 200% health.
This is light armor. Pick this up to increase your armor by 25% up to 100%.
This is heavy armor. Pick this up to increase your armor by 50% up to 100%.

Weapons and Ammunition

Your standard weapon is the SMG. This is a very weak, but accurate weapon that you get when you (re)spawn. This weapon uses bullets ammunition.
The Minigun is a slow but harmful weapon. It takes a while to spin up and down, but when it is firing it is a rapid mowing machine. This weapon uses bullets ammunition.
This is the Plasma Cannon. Fires electric charged plasma very rapidly. This weapon uses plasma ammunition.
The Rocket Launcher fires highly explosive rockets that explode on impact. This weapon uses rockets ammunition.
The Grenade Launcher fires explosive grenades. The grenades explode after several seconds, but also on contact with enemies. See the shooting manual for information on how to shoot over walls with the Grenade Launcher. This weapon uses grenades ammunition.
When it comes to tactical fire, the Phoenix is your weapon. This flamethrower fires burning gas that floats around in the air for a few seconds. Be carefull not to walk into your own fire! This weapon uses fuel.
The Ion Cannon fires ionized charges of plasma. This weapon requires you to charge its projectile before it fires, but all players that come close to the projectiles are electrocuted. With some skill you can use the weapon to hurt or even kill players around corners in small areas.
Bullets ammunition for the SMG and Minigun.
Plasma ammunition for the Plasma Cannon and Ion Cannon.
Rockets ammunition for the Rocket Launcher.
Grenades ammunition for the Grenade Launcher.
Fuel for the Phoenix.


Powerups are special forces that you can gain in the game for a short period. The powerups last only for 30 seconds, or even shorter when drained by other forces. You can only carry one powerup at a time. If you pick up a powerup while you are already carrying one, you will lose the one you carry.

This is the Killer powerup. It doubles your fire power as long as you carry this powerup. Find someone to kill fast!
With the Ghost powerup you become partially invisible. You will still be able to see your name on your own screen, but for others you will be completely invisible.
Pick up the Shields powerup to create a forcefield around you that protects you. You will now take only 1/3 the damage. However, be careful not to get hit by plasma or ion charges, because they will drain your shields quickly!
When you carry the Static powerup, you are electrically charged. Every player that comes near you will be electrocuted.
The Avenger powerup mirrors all damage done to you back to its source. You will still receive the damage, but also the source who shoots at you will be injured.
The Sprinter powerup allows you to run faster for as long as you carry this powerup.
With the Nuke powerup you can kill anyone within a large area around you. You must fire this powerup manually and it will take 3 seconds before it detonates. When it detonates you get killed instantly, but so will all the others around you. When you see a player with the nuke sign, kill him quickly before the nuke detonates!